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to make the case for u.s. involvement,. this comes as libyan rebels resume their offensive. they advanced 350 miles this weekend and retook two key oil towns. military missions are mostly completed according to u.s. officials. >> we prevented the large-scale slaughter that was beginning to take place and has taken place in some places. >> on one hand they say it's humanitarian and on the other they say gaddafi must go. >> defense secretary gates and secretary of state clinton will be brief congress on the u.s. mission in libya and the cost. the president will speak tonight at 7:00 -- 7:30 on abc 7 news. >>> monday. the crisis at the crippled nuclear power plant may be getting worse. japanese officials say highly radioactive iodine is seeping from the facility. contaminated sea water is being found farther from the plant. they are pumping hundreds of tons of radioactive water. now the plant operators are apologizing for overstating radio -- radiation levels inside the reactors. >>> 32 years ago today the u.s. suffered its worst nuclear crisis, three mile island nuclear plant in pennsylvani
part of the country. gaddafi says thousands could die if the u.s. or nato steps in. the international criminal court is investigating the situation. >>> in germany, two u.s. airmen are dead and two others injured after a long gun and opened fire at a frankfurt airport wednesday afternoon after the suspect argued with several members of the u.s. air force. the suspected gunman is a 21- year-old moslem from kosovo. german authorities are investigating possible links to terrorism. president obama called this an outrageous act. the victims of not been identified. >>> online document is on the rise. and honda recalls 39,000 cars in the u.s. caption: linda bell has more. the employment index that measures on our job demand rose in february from january. the d.c. area recorded positive annual growth last marks. online.demand grew in the d.c. area, but it still reported the second lowest of nine great year over year, coming in above baltimore. administration officials launched a campaign to preserve as much as they can of $50 million in foreclosure prevention a former owners. this comes amid
foreign policy program for the region, highly dependent on the u.s. and western support. iran is qualitatively different. they have been politically independent. and is to give you an example of how the regime despite all of its failings, up until 2009i would argue that it still had a certain degree of legitimacy. that is reflected in the fact that in 2009 we had a phenomenal event or about 80-85 percent of the electorate shows up to the ballot box to cast a vote hoping this people who voted for the opposition, the they could change the course of the public, not drastically, but change back to the performance days. the fact that people were voting in high numbers suggests that they believe the electoral system had a certain degree of legitimacy. it could shift the direction which speaks to a certain degree of legitimacy. no wonder is this now because the 2009 elections were largely stolen, but up until 2009 you did have a certain degree of legitimacy as reflected in the high voter turnout. never been in evidence anywhere in egypt or tunisia to the same extent that we have seen
and customs enforcement agents say he was deported to honduras in 2004 but snuck back into the u.s. 54- year-old paul kraus died in the crash. two others were hurt when krause's car hit theirs. police a ramos grabbed a 3-year- old out of his own car and ran away from the accident scene but they caught up to him pretty quickly. he has been charged with aggravated involuntary man slot, dui, driving with a revoked license, child endangerment and a felony hit and run. -- involuntary manslaughter. its 30-year-old yea that murray and a cowork he were were bound, sexually assaulted and badly beaten when two men got into lululemon after closing. murray was found dead at the scene. investigators continue to check a number of tips that are coming in. >> investigators have conducted a comprehensive canvass in this area where they've gone to other commercial establishments and other points where there may be video and they are looking at that. >> the surviving victim was reheesed yesterday from the hospital. police have made no arrests. we will speak with the greater chevy chase chambers of commerce abo
sunday night in seat pleasant. >>> president obama is laying out his energy plan t includes reducing u.s. alliance on foreign oils and boosting energy production domestically. jennifer davis has the details. >> we cannot keep going from shock when gas prices go up to trance when they go back down. >> reporter: the president says nuclear power needs to be part of the solution. he has ordered a safety review of all u.s. facilities. he lashed out at critics blaming his administration for price tags at the pump. >> any claim that my administration is responsible for gas prices because we, quote, unquote shut down oil production is simply untrue. >> reporter: but republicans counter his administering has opportunity that and much more. >> it has increased permit fees t has prolonged public comment periods. it has done just about anything it can to keep our energy inspector for growing. >> the president encouraged brazil to drill more and sell it to us. >> reporter: nancy policy says the president has support from congressional democrats but green peace is not on board. they issued a statement
steve. >>> japan's disaster could never happen here in the u.s. why america's top nuclear regulator will make that claim when he appears before congress this congress. >>> and gap wants to make a deal with you but the promotion ends today. go! go! completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> traffic is going to be affected by a crash on 24 at st. stevens. 4 is backed up all the way to walnut creek. we'll keep an eye on this update. another traffic update, minutes ahead. >>> 7:15. all this morning and you know, we're focusing on the dangers and big questions around nuclear safety and what's happening with nuclear reactors and what could happen in this country. that's what congress will be talking about. alison burns has more. >> reporter: energy secretary, steve be chu, is testifying before a house commit -- steven championship, -- steven chu is testifying with and reiterated that u.s. nuclear plans are safe. b
on ghadafi's home town of sirte tonight, coming after a week of bombardment and a no-fly zone. the u.s. is leading the efforts and that is scheduled to change soon. >>> and in a few hours, president obama will spend out his plans for u.s. military action in libya and that comes as questions mount about the u.s. role. tom fitzgerald is in our newsroom tonight. a lot shifted the last two weeks. >> reporter: when you look at the landscape now, two weeks ago these rebels were on the verge of losing control of their own unofficial capitol. tonight, they're pushing west with the sites set on ghadafi's own hometown. in washington, president obama is going to seek to reassure the american people and an increasingly skeptical united states congress when he tries to spell out what the u.s. intentions are in libya. moa mar ghadafi's strangle hold on libya appears to be weakening. they have hit the forces in the south, leaving behind burned- out tanks. the rebels who just two weeks ago were in danger of losing their unofficial capital of benghazi, are pushing west to ghadafi's own home town of sir
a weekend of punishing allied air attacks in libya. according to u.s. officials, coalition strikes have successfully crippled gadhafi's air defenses and a no-fly zone is effectively in place over the country. although gadhafi himself is not a target of what is being called operation odyssey dawn, one of the strikes caused extensive damage to the libyan leader's tripoli compound last night. at this hour, gadhafi's whereabouts remain unknown. he has vowed to fight a long, drawn out war with western forces. making the rounds on the sunday talk shows, admiral mike mullen stressed that the u.s. role in libya would be limited but he did not give an exact date of how long the u.s. would remain involved. >> there's no one that understands better than i that the stress and the strain that we've been under for a long time in our tenth year of war, both in iraq and in afghanistan. that said, we are within our capability and capacity to be able to execute this mission. the directions have been given to me, it is limited. it is very focused and in that regard, we're more than able, as has been shown
is a partial meltdown at two separate reactors. there is a lot being written here about the u.s. nuclear program as well. a headline in "the washington post." "safety concerns continue to hinder the sector." we wanted to rescue a bit more about this this morning. this is making most of the headlines at this point. what should the effect be a hone u.s. nuclear program? for republicans, 202-737-0001. for democrats, 202-737-0002. for independents, 202-628-0205. we will get to your calls in a couple of minutes. jonathan sobel is online with us. paint a picture of japan. caller: i am supposed to -- i suppose that we will start with the nuclear situation. they have started to pour see water on the nuclear reactors to cool them down. remember, there was a dramatic explosion yesterday from hydrogen building up in the first one. >> talk to us about the concerns -- host: talk to us about the concerns. caller: we are getting regular updates from outside the plant. they are peaking as the authorities from inside the vent steam from inside the reactor. it is not clear how long they're staying at elev
. >> punyasara gedara was walking home from the subway where he works, his first job in the u.s. since he moved from sri lanka six months ago. >> he did not have any money. if it were robert, i would be skeptical of that. -- if it were robbery. >> the guy was lying there and bleeding in the face. it is a shame. >> police say this elderly man was also murdered. this has happened twice in less than a week. >> it just does not happen here. this is shocking in bethesda. >> john gonzales,. abc,. >>> a former lululemon employee is criticizing the company's security practices. she says the policy of allowing employees to police each other is irresponsible. brittany norwood killed jayna murray earlier this month after murray allegedly found stolen merchandise in her bag. all lululemon spokesperson would not comment. >>> we are hearing from the family of a virginia teacher killed in the disaster in japan. anderson won was originally from the richmond area. she is the coast north american victim of the march 11 quake and tsunami -- she is the first no known american victim. she was teaching at a city 240
. the cost of the price tag for the u.s. sky rocketed into the hundreds of millions of dollars. freeze the libyan leader made his first appearance, and said his forces will win in the short and long term. there are reports that sniders and tanks have begun targeting civilians. in the last strong hold in western libya. >>> president obama has cut short his trip to deal with the crisis in libya. the five-day tour was meant to improve u.s. relations with south america. >>> the nuclear crisis in japan is raising more fears this morning. owners of the crippled plant said gray smoke is coming from the third unit. it has been leaking since the massive earthquake it is now said that japan's tap water is not safe for infants. the u.s. is just announced it is banning food imports from the infected regions of japan. >>> there are report that it is u.s. is considering evacuating military service members on stationed in japan. sailors have been given potasz ium pills. >>> a new poll shows that d.c. voters give he and kwame brown low marks. kimberly? >> this is a poll, toppant lifts break it down th
him about long-term deployment. secretary gates says both the u.s. and afghan government wants the u.s. involved after the planned 2014 combat operations. he says the u.s. is in talks with the afghan government about what the presence would like like. he also offered encouragement for the troops. >> you've had a tough winter. it will be a tougher spring and summer. you have made a lot of head way. i think you are proven with your afghan partners that this will work and we will be able to prevail. >> reporter: there is a lot of speculation in d.c. that secretary gates is preparing to resign and this could be his last trip as defense secretary to afghanistan. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns. >>> in libya government forces again launched air attacks on rebel forces today. the troops loyal are trying to prevent the rebel fighters from advancing to the capitol of tripoli. already the uprising is a lot longer and more violent than the revolts that overthrew the leaders of egypt and tanisha. as the evacuation of foreign workers continues now, one group of evacwees went to ex
to restore power to the plant so they can reactivate the cooling system. >>> the u.s. government is now chartering airports to evacuate u.s. citizens because of the rising radiation levels. volunteering air fares for family members of government employees. >>> closely watching the movement of the radioactive plume coming from the crippled reactors. it's churning across the pacific ocean and expected to reach the islands south of alaska some time today. then the plume is expected to reach southern california late tomorrow. now the health experts emphasize radiation levels are plunging as that plume moves across the ocean. at worse they say, health consequences here in the u.s. would be extremely minor. now the environmental protection agency is installing more radiation monitors here in california just to keep track of any possible radiation coming from japan. ktvu's jade hernandez is live now at uc berkeley to tell us about these extra precautions. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. we are live at cal this morning. and we wanted to bring you here to the campus because a prof
>>> good morning. breaking news. the u.s. government gets set to begin evacuating americans from japan, as danger levels remain high at the crippled nuclear plant. this, despite new attempts by military helicopters to cool off the plant's overheated reactors and fuel rods. the top u.s. nuclear regulator says conditions at the plant are much worse than japanese officials say, and recommend that americans stay 50 miles away. and this morning, there are questions about nearly two dozen u.s. nuclear reactors with the very same design "early" this thursday morning, march 17th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. welcome to "the early show" here on a thursday morning. scenes from earlier. military choppers japanese military helicopters, chinooks dropping sea water on this nuclear plant. again, a part of this last-ditch effort to bring sea water in to help cool down these fuel pools, and also the nuclear rods there at this facility. >> that is the effort from the sky. we're also hearing from water cannons on the ground as they try to bring things in th
. >> questions like whether we will handguns to rebels. and how much the u.s. will be involved after nato takes over. >> we will begin to diminish the commitment of resources. >> president obama is supposed to play out the plan. he said muammar gaddafi needs to go. secretary of state hillary clinton meets in london tomorrow with countries that want to ease him out. >> now is a time to get out of this. >> lawmakers cannot agree if the u.s. can go after him. >> the only accessible way is for gaddafi to go. >> we should not have brittle dictators remain in power. >> to people in libya cannot remove their dictator. >> congress also concerned about the price tag, now near $1 billion. how long should the no-fly zone over libya last? for now, no one knows. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you support the president's libyan defense policy? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> japan said sea water contamination may have spread longer than first thought. the crisis
in an attempt to sneak across the u.s. border. >>> also a new sign of defiance from libyan leader gadafi. why questions are being raised about whether the military operation against libya is really working. >>> good morning to you. welcome back. time now 6:16. libyan leader gadafi says western powers attacking libya will "end up in the dust bin of history." as ktvu's allison burns reports from our washington d.c. newsroom, gadafi made his first appearance since the beginning of those coalition air strikes. allison. >> reporter: dave, gadafi's forces are still advancing. the civilian death toll is mounting. and this morning there are questions about whether the military effort against him is working. >>> this is new video of u.s. fighters taking off from the uss key damage in the mediterranean sea as forces continue to pound libyan targets, gadafi sounds as defiant as ever. he made his first appearance since the attacks began and vowed to keep fighting. >> they will not terrorize us. we are making fun of throbbing course. >> reporter: president obama is cutting short his south america trip by
. >> all right, all right. >> reporter: u.s. experts believe it could be weeks before this emergency is resolved and americans are being urged to flee a 50-mile area around the plant. on our shores, radiation monitoring has been stepped up on the west coast as a precaution. >> we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coast, hawaii, alaska or u.s. territories in the pacific. >> reporter: u.s. airports are now screening passengers and cargo coming out of japan. >> we have seen no radiation, by the way, even on incoming cargo or passengers that comes close to reaching a harmful level. >> reporter: in tokyo, experts say radiation levels are still below harmful levels, but anxiety is rising. the pentagon is now organizing a voluntary evacuation of american military families and citizens who want to get out. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> well, one week since japan's worst ever disaster, new stunning footage has emerged from a local japanese news crew. they were in a taxi seconds before catastrophe struck. carl dennin of england's channel 4 tells us their stor
that the courageous responders on the scene have the benefit of american teamwork and support. >> reporter: u.s. experts believe it could be weeks before this emergency is resolved and americans are being urged to flee a 50-mile area around the plant. on our shores, radiation monitoring has been stepped up on the west coast as a precaution. >> we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coast, hawaii, alaska or u.s. territories in the pacific. >> reporter: u.s. airports are now screening passengers and cargo coming out of japan. >> we have seen no radiation, by the way, even on incoming cargo or passengers that comes close to reaching a harmful level. >> reporter: in tokyo, experts say radiation levels are still below harmful levels, but anxiety is rising. the pentagon is now organizing a voluntary evacuation of american military families and citizens who want to get out. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> well, one week since japan's worst ever disaster, new stunning footage has emerged from a local japanese news crew. they were in a taxi seconds before catastrophe struc
>> alan: the u.s. has launched the first tom ahack missiles against libya. the united states has officially entered the conflict in libya. 110 cruise missiles have lit up the skies skies in tripoli. here's more on operation odyssey dawn. >> u.s. missiles such as this one have fired the first salvo against libyan air defenses. >> we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy and his forces step up their assault. >> the video of a libyan war plane shot down by rebels is a preview. war planes destroyed several of the rem scream's tanks. president obama warned moammar gadhafi over scenes like this. civilians were taking casualties. >> eunited states will contribute our unique capabilities at the front end of the mission to protect libyan civilians. >> foreign air forces are expected to carry out many of the attacks. the danish fighter jets arrived at u.s.a. fighter base in sicily. >> the no-fly zone is not in effect. >> we're creating the conditions to be able to set up the no-fly zone. >> while the u.s. is leading the front end of the attack, presiden
is expected to say the decision was made to get involved in libya to avert a humanitarian crisis. the u.s. will not be leading the mission from here on out. nato has announced it will take over all military operations. this morning, rebel forces are closing in on qaddafi's hometown and make their way towards tripoli. they recaptured key oil towns and are promising to restart stalled oil exports prompting a drop in crude oil. here at home he faces criticism from washington and the public over the he doo significance to get -- decision to get involved and tonight he has to make the case. >> this policy has been cark eyed by con-- characterized by confusion. and one hand they say it's humanitarian and the other hand they say qaddafi must go. >> reporter: we have information at if you go to the main page at top, will see the news tab and click on that and click under world and it will take you to this page and we put up new stories for you. more regarding the address tonight obama's address to the nation regarding the crisis in libya. also the latest on nato's plaps to take over
: with biohazard recommendations from barack obama reiterated that the u.s. commitment to recovery u.s. citizens from japan. >> the japanese people are not alone in this terrible time. her find a hand extended from the and it states as they get back on their feet. >>reporter: outside the nuclear evectioevacuate evacuatn area, a small sign of progress with supplies. some of the setbacks for these victims. >> i've not even a time to think. >>reporter: chartering planes of u.s. diplomats through japan from japan, to the u.s.. >>pam: air travel is looking for nuclear exand contamination levels in reports of rhodesian lovradiati. --none of these reported incidences or harmful levels. even though some haof the cargo have radiation levels. >>reporter: everybody is hitting screens, with the potential law will is dangerous? this is done 365 days a year everybody is- getting screened. the department of hulman is a home with a security is the department of all landis' attorney alerted yesterday homeland security. this device is the radiation detector. it is smaller than his cellphone. if the harmful lovell
news in libya. the u.s. military says one of its planes has crashed. it happened as another country calls for another immediate cease fire. >>> back at home the battle over california's budget goes on with voters -- what voters think of the job brown is doing. >>> the traffic looks good so far. we'll tell you about the morning drive to work straight ahead. >>> new this morning the u.s. military reports an air force jet has crashed in libya but says it was not shot down. the two crew members were able to eject safely and are safe in american hands. air force spokesman says the f- 15 had equipment failure. >>> our time now 5:13. meantime the united states and allies are pushing ahead against libyan targets. let's go to alison burns with more on that and the mounting criticism facing president obama. alison. >> reporter: dave, moammar gadhafi forces are reeling after days of air strikes but at this point it's still unclear how it's all going to end. for the first time since the operation began more fighters from other nations are striking on libyan targets than american fighters. the c
for the air strikes, but when a u.s. rescue helicopter flew in to pick up the pilots, they began firing on those villagers. despite the incident, the villagers say they want the u.s. involvement to continue. >>> the price tag for the u.s. involvement is topping the $100 million mark. and debate over more funding is raging in washington. according to navy figures, the u.s. has spent $225 million already on tomahawk missiles to establish that no-fly zone in libya. and it will cost another $100 million a week to maintain the no-fly zone. military officials say they may have to ask congress for more money. lawmakers on both sides say the country cannot afford it. >>> time now 5:17. the u.s. military now investigating the capture of illegal immigrants who were posing as u.s. marines. border patrol agents stopped this van on march 14th. it was near a san diego check point. inside they found 13 illegal immigrants. they were wearing military uniforms. and the van had a fake u.s. government license plate. among those arrested were two u.s. citizens, three illegal immigrants are being held now as
technical help from the u.s. and the head of the international atomic energy agency just arrived. latest picture rae veal how far gone the reactor really are. explosion and blazing heat have reduced the unit to rav sanjay gupta skeleton. emergency worker continue desperate effort to drown the over heated core with sea water from the air and from the ground using water cannon made to subdue rioters. flight operators put in a new power line to restore electricity and get water pump working again. if that fails the pentagon has shipped in american pumps. workers have to operate them continuing to defy death. in reactor 4 the water in the fuel rod pool is critically low if any left. without water the rod ignite and send smoke into the atmosphere. reactor 3 a 5 foot thick container likely cracked. if the core melts down it could seep out and release radioactive plume. japanese government ordered everyone within 12 miles of the plant to evacuate. told people up to 19 miles away to close their windows and stay inside. u.s. is more cautious telling americans within 50 miles to leave. t
. each was cleared by u.s. customs and border protection and eventually allowed to leave the airport without any problems. one person on board did have a medical issue, but that person was not taken to the hospital. most of the passengers we spoke to figured something was going on the airline wasn't telling them about. >> lack of communication i think that really disturbed most of us. said it was a medical problem and that was it. but it didn't make sense why we were sitting on the tarmac for hours. >> reporter: flight 104 arrives from the philippines around 7:40 last nightful the passengers were told they could not use facilities or cell phones. we spoke to one passenger on board who described to us in detail what happened last night. he may not look familiar, but you most likely have heard his voice if you've seen the rock band journey lately, that end of the story coming up. reporting live from sfo this morning, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> well, the bay area has barely had time to dry out. and already a new wave of wet weather has arrived. people who live on hillsides
whether we'll hand guns to rebels. >> no decision has been made about that. >> and how much the u.s. will be involved after nato takes over. >> within the next week or so, we will begin to diminish the commitment of resources. >> tonight president obama is supposed to lay out the plan. he has said muammar gaddafi needs to go, but nato's made it clear that's not their mission. tomorrow, secretary of state hillary clinton meets in london with countries that want to ease him out. >> now is your time to get out of this. >> but lawmakers here can't agree if the u.s. should go after him. >> the only acceptable way for this to end in libya is for gaddafi to go. >> we should be doing whatever we can to not have brutal dictators remain in power. >> the people of libya can remove their dictator. but we are not going to be the ones to remove him. >> congress also concerned about the price tag, now believed to be near $1 billion. how long should the no-fly zone over libya last? defense secretary gates says for now, no one knows. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that brings us to our water cool
for gunshot wounds after the military assault his citizens. u.s. military ships are had is closer to the country. could we be getting ready for another military conflict? >> it was a big talk on capitol hill. the obama administration is trying to dial back some of the talk about possible military action. >> there is a lot of loose talk about some of these military options. >> defense secretary robert gates giving a candid assessment about the possibility of u.s. military intervention in libya including talks about a no-fly zone. >> a no-fly zone begins with an attack on libya. to destroy the air defenses, that is the way you do a no-fly zone. >> gates said that a no-fly zone could be done at the president ordered it. the white house says this is not off the table. >> are we considering an attack on libya? >> we are considering a variety of options and we have not ruled any options out. >> secretary of state hillary clinton said that further involvement would be a difficult decision. >> the tough issues about how and whether there would be any intervention to assist those who are o
obama says the u.s. is actually ratcheting down involvement in libya but, still, no plans for dealing with muammar qaddafi. >> wake up. air traffic controller falls asleep on the job. if you have not heard putting lives at risk but instead of fixing that problem the f.a.a. changes the rules and another bureaucratic coverup? we report. you decide. >>clayton: and an idea to cut the deficit. tax how far you drive. a government official thinks that should be used against you. like a little old lady would not be taxed as much as briggs. could a mileage tax be on the way? muammar qaddafi -- >>dave: i am a train guy! >> it's "fox and friends" right now. >>dave: everyone, good saturday morning, heather is here this morning with us. >> great to have you. >> >>clayton: we need a vat of coffee for heather. >>dave: this is the one person on the planet and this is late for her because she usually anchors at 4:30 in the morning, so this is sleeping in. sleeping in. >>clayton: and now, the news we are following overnight because if violence continuing to rip through the muslim world, and a number of
is reactor 4. wednesday, u.s. officials warn the unit no longer has water in its spent fuel pools, meaning the fuel rods are completely exposed, with nothing to prevent them from melting down. the u.s. is urging all americans to steer clear of the troubled plant. late last night the state department stayed would arrange charter flights to help u.s. citizens leave japan. today, tokyo's airport was packed with travelers like barbara, eager to get out. >> i'm concerned because i really don't know the situation about the radiation. it keeps changing. >> reporter: all americans living within 50 miles of the plant are being encouraged to evacuate or stay indoors. that's 2.5 times as wide as the danger zone established by the japanese. president obama discussed the precautions the u.s. is taking in a phone call with japan's prime minister last night. he also vowed to do everything possible to help japan recover from its worst crisis since world war ii. the u.s. military will provide fire trucks and pumps from its bases here in japan but made clear that they would be manned by japanese forces. liv
a tsunami. >>> nato agreed to take command over the no-fly zone over the country. the u.s. along with britain and france will continue attacks on ground targets. nato could take over full operations, several have raised resistance, including the only muslim nation, turkey. at the same time, congress is pressuring the obama administration for the goals of the presence in lib yampt hillary rodham clinton said it has neutralized the libyan air force. >> we will tell you when we could get snow. >> and a dramatic scene where blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds... more than a snack. >>> not the scene you want to wake up to. a landslide in northwest washington state caused two homes to partially collapse. heavy rain triggered that landslide in everitt. two of the collapsed homes have been red tagged and declared unsafe to enter. nobody got hurt as a result of the landslide. >> tom is here to talk about the forecast for today. >> unusually cold for the end of march. right now, below freezing in many locat
of libya. >> reporter: air will allow the current coalition led by the u.s., u.k., france to stand down. that may please some legislators to criticize president barack obama for u.s. involvement. former secretary of state madeleine albright says the president made the right move. >> i think he handled it very well, the reason we intervened this is terrible things are happening on the ground near libya. people were being killed, gaddafi himself had said he was going to slaughter everyone. we had an international support for. >> reporter: the first set of data will be to take charge of the no-fly zones >> justine: . facing mounting concern over the proposed mission president barack obama is scheduled to address the nation today, a live event scheduled for 4:30 p.m. we wish be sure to light in exactly what he says. coming up, the latest on the worsening situation in japan will take about 6.5 magnitude aftershock and the latest on the radiation concerns. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. >> justine: welcome back to the kron 4 new
in to help private american citizens wishing to leave japan. >>> u.s. citizens are also being urged to defer all nonessential travel to any part of that country because unpredictable wind conditions could spread radioactive contamination. and the u.s. is still telling americans living -- living within 50 miles of the damaged plant to leave the area or at least remain indoors while the japanese government is limiting its warning to people living within 12 miles of the plant. and that's one example of what some in the obama administration believe is japan downplaying the risk. coming up at:15, we'll have a live report -- 7:15, we'll have a live report on this disaster. >>> scientists on the west coast are watching a radioactive plume movement. it's expected to hit the aleutian islands south of i -- that's south of alaska sometime today. health experts are saying radiation is plunging. the epa is installing more radiation detection mob teres here in -- monitors here in california just to keep track of the threat. jade hernandez is joining us live. she's at uc berkeley where they are installing
later -- 30 minutes later another quake hit north of sendai. no tsunami was issued for the u.s. japanese officials have not yet reported any tsunamis along the japanese coast. the operate of the power plants say workers have rerejected the power line -- reconnected the power lines. how far, they say more work needs to be done before the cooling systems can be pour powered -- can be powered up. >>> it is 7:03. just about 30 minutes ago, military families evacuated from japan arrived at travis air force base near fairfield. kraig debro is at the base talking with some of the problems. he will join us shortly with an update on what's happening there. >>> just 90 minutes from now, the opening statements will begin in the barry bonds perjury trial. now, the jury will not see one part of the proceedings that are kit cal. allie rasmus -- critical. allie rasmus has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. opening statements are set to get underway. they are expected to last a couple of hours. after the opening statements, then the first witnesses will be called. one of the witnesses
are on the ground in libya trying to figure out exactly who the u.s. is helping over there. alison? >> reporter: dave, let's get back to a live look at that house armed services committee hearing going -- committee going on right now. they are testifying about the u.s.-led operation in lib ba. in the last hour, the secretary gates acknowledged the u.s. knows very little about the rebels taking on the libya regime. >> there are multiple, multiple agendas, at this point we don't have a lot of visibility in those. >> reporter: cia operatives, now on the ground in libya, they've been reportedly working in labia for weeks trying to gain the strength of gadhafi 'forces -- gadhafi's forces and they are trying to find out if cade is there -- if al qaeda is there. back to you. >> okay. alison. thank you. >>> a really wild scene in syria. look at this. a speech by president of syria yesterday aingeed, rather than appeased those who -- angered rather than appeased those who wanted it. in his speech, the president blamed the anti-government protests on a foreign conspiracy. >>> ten u.s. sailors are recover
upper level winds that actually transport that into parts of kansas, the u.s., and many other places. and before all is said and done, i would not be surprised if you could find trace amounts of this all the way over to europe. but i have to tell you, this is very, very harmless. this is not a big deal. if you're walking out to your car in bright sunlight, chances are you might be exposed to more radiation than that than these particles across the globe. >> it does still, of course, make you think twice when you hear about it. but hearing it's harmless is good. >>> in a few minutes, we'll be talking more about all of this with a disaster expert about containment efforts in japan. he led numerous expeditions into some of the most contaminated areas of chernobyl. >>> to libya now, and rebels getting closer to moammar gadhafi's doorstep gaining ground with new coalition air strikes. nato now says it will take over the entire military mission there, not just the no-fly zone. so far the u.s. has supplied nearly all the fire power according to pentagon figures. the u.s. military has launch
>>> also, new nuclear concerns in japan that there is a direct connection to the u.s. navy. >>> it's been an anxious morning for some b.a.r.t. comcommuters -- commuters. >>> right now, hundreds of bay area community college students and their supporters are heading north to the state's capitol. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> well, good morning to you. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, march 14th. >>> just hours ago, b.a.r.t. took -- took care of one problem. >> sal has more on the coverage. >> what happened? >> the system is running well. allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: well, right now, there are delays of trains coming in san francisco. at the concord station. that brought the strain line and traffic to a complete standstill. news chopper 2 was overhead when it happened. b.a.r.t. officials still don't know why that derailment happened. crews worked overnight to remove the derailed tank -- train. at 4:00 a.m. this morning, the work was complete and selves was restored. back out here live, there were delays. when we talked to commuters this morning, they are re
there's a very low probability of harmful radiation levels in the u.s. still ktvu sal castaneda is live where people are taking precautions. what are they doing? >> reporter: as the news worsens about the japanese nuclear disaster, more people are showing up at medical centers like this and at pharmacies asking what they can do if anything to protect themselves from radioactive fallout should it reach the west coast. potassium iodine supplements have suddenly become scarce and manufactures say they are having trouble keeping up with demand. the supplement is said to protect the thyroid gland from iodine, which may have been released from one of japan's damaged nuclear reactors. >> everyone thinks i'm a nut bag. >> u.s. surgeon general said we do not need to worry about nuclear fallout. surgeon general said people didn't need to do anything different yet. if anything changes, the public will be notified immediately. >> we work through cbc and our office of preparedness, so we would be on top of it and get the word out to your local and state health departments. you'd have it right awa
to discuss the military operations in libya. >> we've already learned a u.s. delegation will head to benghazi to meet with rebel leaders. the announcement came hours after president obama took his case to the american people. >> we have more on what the president said and reaction to it. >> we have intervened to stop a massacre. >> reporter: facing mounting criticism over the u.s. role in libya, president obama explained america's mission monday night. >> when our interests and values are at stake, we have a responsibility to act. >> the president said he wants moammar gadhafi out of power but he emphasized the u.n.- authorized mission is about enforcing a no-fly zone, not removing gadhafi by force. >> there is no question that libya and the world would be better off with gadhafi out of power. i, along with many other world leaders, have embraced that goal. and will actively pursue it through nonmilitary means. >> lawmakers fired back urging a tougher stance against gadhafi. >> if we tell gadhafi don't worry, you're not going to be removed by force, i think that that's very intajing to gadha
. regulators in washington are facing tough questions about safety reactors here in the u.s.. alison burns reports about a hearing that about to start in about 15 minutes. alison. >> reporter: dave, some members of congress say the nuclear crisis in japan is a wakeup call for the potential of a similar disaster here. energy secretary steven chew and the head of the regulatory commission will be testifying about it tomorrow. he told lawmakers yesterday the 104 reactors in the u.s. are protected. he said the u.s. is committed to nuclear power and will learn from the disaster in japan. >> are there going to be lessons learned? i'm sure there will be. we look back at our reactors and we up our game. every time we do this, we march on to ever increasing safety. >> reporter: some members of congress are not satisfied with his assurances. they point to maps like this that show nuclear reactors in the area. yellow dots indicate seismic activity here. eight of the reactors are on the west coast. they are worried they do not have the appropriate protections especially if they lose power for long per
of increasing tension between the u.s. and japan over how the reactor crisis is being handled. the state department is now sending charter planes to help bring back american citizens who want to leave and advising americans to stay at least 50 miles from the power plant. >> with japan's fukushima daiichi plant crippled on the ground, desperate efforts are coming from the air. helicopters dumping sea water into the holes of the roof hoping to could cool it enough to prevent a nuclear meltdown. they say there is talk of apocalypse and i think that word is well chosen. the procedure was considered too dangerous. they said radiation levels were too high. the u.s. insisted something be done. >> we're reminded that american leadership is critical even though the allies are themselves economically advanced and powerful. there are moments where they need our help. >> the state accident now providing aircraft to help americans leave northeast japan and it wants to evacuate americans within 50 miles of the plant. tokyo's airport is packed with people leaving. like a 15-year-old sent by her parents
on car insurance. >>> taking our top stories on this friday. the u.s. will hand over control of operations in libya possibly as soon as tomorrow. nato will take over some responsibilities for enforcing the no-fly zone. libyan officials and rebels will meet today in ethiopia to try to talk about a potential cease- fire. >>> minnesota republican congressman michelle bachmann may make a bid for the white house. a top adviser says the tea party favorite is feeling the pressure to run and could make an announcement as soon as may. she says that she has not yet made up her mind. >>> two big teams will not advance any further in the big dance. duke lost to arizona. wisconsin lost to butler. today virginia commonwealth and richmond will take the shots at making delete 8. the gators go through. >> congratulations to you. we have been rooting for them. >>> metro leaders are hoping a multimillion-dollar safety initiative will make the trip on the trains safer. the agency will place more than 100 new cameras on stations across the system. mike conneen joins us from arlington with details
results have not been released. >> how the tragedy in japan could end up bringing jobs to the u.s. >> and changes you may see coming to the snack counter at coming to the snack counter at your local movie theater. i can't say enough about them. i can go in, get the things i need, and i know i'm saving money. why would i shop anywhere else? at giant, we want to thank you for making us the store you love to shop for over 75 years. this week, look for savings in every aisle, just for you. like super g boneless chicken breasts, $1.99 a pound. and pepsi 2-liters, just 10 for $10. i pay for my groceries, and i look at the bottom of the receipt, i'm like, "yes! i did it!" that works for me. more savings every time you shop, with your giant card. >>> a land slide in northwest washington state caused two homes to partially collapse. heavy rain triggered the landslide in everett everyit. north of seattle. multiple homes have been damaged. two of the homes have been red tagged. unsafe to sbrmpt nobody was hurt because of the landslides. >> maryland's public service commission wants to look a
. as moammar gadhafi's forces battled a fresh round of air strikes. u.s. officials say days of attacks on the regime's ground troops are working and coalition forces are ready to expand the u.n.'s no-fly zone to protect the libyan people. >> the extension of the no-fly zone will enable us to have a greater freedom of movement and the other thing it provides is a greater ability for humanitarian assistance. >> american troops have fired more than 100 cruise missiles including one that hit gadhafi's compound. but international forces led most of monday's missions and president obama says soon, the u.s. will hand over full control. >> we anticipate this transition to take place in a matter of days and not a matter of weeks. >> still, more and more lawmakers are criticizing the president for failing to lay out a clear plan. they question how far and how long he's willing to go to stop gadhafi. >> we don't want it to be long. we don't want it to be expanded. we're fighting two wars already. >> reporter: some support the military action but oppose the president's handling of it. >> i do thi
of tapping into the u.s.'s strategic oil reserve. we'll explain in a minute. first, i want to show you what drivers are seeing as they pull up to the pump. you can see the cost of a gallon of regular gas is $3.93 a gal be. that's about -- gallon. that's about average according to aaaa. if you want plus or premium, you will pay well over $4 a gallon. nationwide the average cost of a gal -- gallon of gas is 3.51. that's cheaper than what we are paying here in california. but that price is 3 cents higher than the average two weeks ago. the spike is the second biggest increase in history. it's caught the attention of the white house. they are talking about tapping into the strategic reserve. >> the average american out there is feeling it. the president is very concerned. we're trying to look at all of the possible options going forward. >> reporter: now, if the president does decide to tap into the oil reserves, it would still take about two weeks for that gas to hit the u.s. market. still, some drivers we talked to said they like the idea. >> if we do need it, it's a good idea. >> reporter: g
as we go through this week's series of storms. >> justine: world news, we will start and libya u.s. military says the plane has crashed in libya but it was not shot down. one crew member was safely removed now they're trying to remove the other member. both have minor injuries. more explosions, anti-aircraft fire around libya's capital happen overnight it seemed to be coming nearer compound belonging to gaddafi. this is a target of building to about some of the regime's ability to command and control troops. the focus is shifting to extending the reach of the no-fly zone. officials say that today assault on air defenses has been largely successful and checked out this, heart stopping scene of what appears to be attack on civilians. >> of, of this video service duron it was reportedly taken two hours east of tripoli. cnn has not verified when or where were shot or who is responsible for that explosion. >> james: the latest set of japan evacuees are anxious to return to their home near power plants but have no idea whether there will take days months, or possibly even
was heard in tripoli. the u.s. says its role in the protection is decreasing but still about half of the missiles last mate were from american warships and planes. president obama says this is hoareized by the united nations. >> our military ask is in support of a international mandate from the security council that specifically focuses on the humanitarian threat posed by colonel ghadafi to his people. >> the air strike on libya also helping the rebels who are fighting ghadafi's forces back in several cities this morning. >>> a lot more for you this morning including an update of what is happening in japan. details of what workers were able to do at the damaged nuclear power plant and the first nonamerican victim of the disasters. she is from virginia. >>> residents living nearby told to stay indoors near a chemical plant. we'll have details coming up.  [ bob ] i'd love to build bird houses for the rest of my life. so i've got to take care of my heart. for me cheerios is a good place to start. [ male announcer ] to keep doing what you love, take care of your heart with cheerios.
.n., nato heed and by the time it's aprudent, everybody is dead opt ground. u.s. officials says that a no- fly zone would not be implemented until sunday or monday at the earliest. the question will be, can rebels hold that long? >> the big story we are follow this morning. the new twes in the ever growing scandal gripping the d.c. mayor's office. congress is now stepping into suliman brown's pay for play allegations. >> good morning, allsopp, good morning, steve. glsmght a house oversight committee has now launched a full investigation into the allegations that suliman brown that he was paid cash by mayor vincent gray's campaign cash and given a high level government job by the administration in exchange for his attacks on former mayor adrian fenty during the campaign. the oversight committee's chairman says he does not trust the d.c. government to investigate this matter. this allegations have plagued mayor vincent gray's administration for weeks after brown was hired and fired after questions arose about his qualification. earlier, brown met with members of the oversight committee. in
. and what the latest with the u.s. president has to say about the u.s. involvement. >> isabel: not much traffic out there is continuing to be wet. (music) [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage. [ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate. coach, you get that house yet? working on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage consultant had me covered. [ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home... [ cheering, cellphone beeps ] ...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >> isabel: we are back taking in live look from stormtracker 4. it is pretty much green. heavy/moderate. >> marty: latest where rebels and libya have regained area after an air strike. your driving to the streets, honking their horns and celebrating because the city have been underseas for under one week. residents are still fearful for their lives. and families fleeing to higher ground. we spoke to some of t
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